Here at CedarWorks, we understand that a play system is a significant investment for schools, child care facilities, museums, healthcare facilities, and other businesses.

From brand new businesses to established, growing businesses, there is often the challenge of maintaining cash flow while needing to add or upgrade equipment. Financing provides a way to obtain equipment without major capital investment and with credit and tax benefits.

Benefits of financing

  • Cash Flow Management - Low Monthly Payments
  • No Blanket Lien - Equipment acts as collateral; no business or personal risk.
  • Tax Advantages - Financing payments are usually considered a pre-tax business expense.
  • Fixed Payments - Payment terms and rate remain locked in.
  • Line of Credit remains Protected - Financing does not impact your credit lines.

How to Apply

CedarWorks has partnered with Paramount Financial and American Financial Partners to make sure you have the opportunity to add a CedarWorks playset to your location.

To apply for financing or for payment approximation, please visit the Paramount Financial and American Financial Partners links on this page.