Wood playset with slide, ramp, ladder, and more

Indoor 2&Over

Ages 2-5 years

Beautiful products that meet ADA, ASTM and CPSC standards

About 2&Over Commercial Indoor Playsets

Indoor playset with slide and ramps

Custom Fit

Every play space is different, and so is every CedarWorks indoor play system. Tucked in a corner, spread along the length of a wall, or centered in the middle of the room, our modular playsets can be customized to fit any space.

Example of indoor playset that fits in corner of room

Hardwood frames

The locally sourced White Ash used in the posts and braces of our indoor playsets is the same wood traditionally used for Major League baseball bats, so it’s strong enough to handle anything thrown its way. Combined with our cabinet grade Baltic Birch panels, CedarWorks indoor products are always beautiful, safe, and strong.

An indoor playset from the inside, showing upstairs and downstairs

Kid-friendly materials

The posts, braces, and panels of all of our indoor products are finished with ultra-low VOC water-based stains, so they are safe for kids and better for the environment.

An safe indoor play area

Safety Standards

When it comes to children’s play areas, safety is paramount. You want the kids in your facility to be safe and have a good time, and so does CedarWorks. All of our new product designs start with safety at the forefront of design process. CedarWorks is committed to providing a safe environment for children to play in which is why all of our indoor commercial playsets meet or exceed ADA, ASTM, and CPSC safety standard specifications. Learn more

The wood in our indoor playsets is beautiful, safe, and strong

Choices, choices

Choose from 2 play deck sizes, 4 play deck heights, more than 20 accessories, and a huge selection of fun and functional play panels. With so many options, CedarWorks can provide the perfect play system to fit your needs.